WBRT for NSCLC brain metastases what is new?

Having you brain exposed for ionising gamma rays are not a good thing in general. Many recent studies questions the benefit of WBRT (Whole Brain Radiation "Therapy").

This is also true for NSCLC with EGFR and even recently (September 2017) there are studies on SCLC that starts to question the prophylactic use of WBRT.

Targeted therapies might be able to reach the brain, perhaps in a pulsed fashion, where you take a higher dose of the EGFR TKI once every 4 days.

Peptide vaccines for EGFR that you can make yourself for Christmas

A peptide vaccine is a therapeutic cancer vaccine, so it would be able to actually treat cancer once it is in your body. How does this work? First you need to know what specific type of cancer you have and the mutation(s) that your cancer cells have, these mutations should be different from the healthy normal cells of your body.

So in case you have EGFR+ NSCLC with the L858R mutation, or indeed the T790M that often arise as a resistance mechanism to EGFR TKI treatment, you could benefit from a peptide vaccine. First you have to determine you HLA-A types.

EGFR positive NSCLC

This tends to strike the young never smokers, most often of Asian descent but anyone can get this. Some patients are as young as late twenties or early thirties. Women are a bit more affected.

No one know the cause for sure, theories are many, but hard evidence is still limited.
Today's standard treatment is also very limited, and frankly inadequate.

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