EGFR positive NSCLC

This tends to strike the young never smokers, most often of Asian descent but anyone can get this. Some patients are as young as late twenties or early thirties. Women are a bit more affected.

No one know the cause for sure, theories are many, but hard evidence is still limited.
Today's standard treatment is also very limited, and frankly inadequate.

Oncologists are happy that they have some drugs that responds well, but the success is very limited indeed as resistance develops and the brain is often a sanctuary for devastating brain metastasis.
In many countries newer drugs are not available to most people since the pharma industry will charge horrendous prices for drugs that will only prolong life with a few months or sometimes years.

Patients and care givers and ethical medical practitioners will have to be creative and look outside of the box of conventional, standard treatment for this group of often otherwise very healthy and strong patients, with an equally strong will to live their lives and see their children grow up.

We as a community of care must give patients hope, even if the odds are stacked against them.

Our attitudes will speak volumes and set the stage for life or death decisions.

Every one can do with a little hope.

Even oncologists.