Peptide vaccines for EGFR that you can make yourself for Christmas

A peptide vaccine is a therapeutic cancer vaccine, so it would be able to actually treat cancer once it is in your body. How does this work? First you need to know what specific type of cancer you have and the mutation(s) that your cancer cells have, these mutations should be different from the healthy normal cells of your body.

So in case you have EGFR+ NSCLC with the L858R mutation, or indeed the T790M that often arise as a resistance mechanism to EGFR TKI treatment, you could benefit from a peptide vaccine. First you have to determine you HLA-A types.

How to do the HLA-A typing? You can do it by giving a blood sample to a lab that is specialised in HLA-A typing, often associated with a University or a research lab. Cost is about $100.

Then you find a peptide neoantigen and have it made in a lab, cost is about $350.

Then you have to make sure the peptide is as pure (ideally >99%) and sterile as possible, ask the lab that make the peptide for purity and a mass spectrum graph showing any impurities.

Then you have to mix the peptide with a special buffer (PBS) at a neutral PH of 7.2 - 7.4, the buffer has to be sterile as well, most are that you order from a well known lab supplier. You do not need a lot of PBS as you will mix 1 ml of PBS per 300 micrograms peptide.

It can be challenging to find a scale that is accurate enough to measure the peptide, also you have to do the mixing as sterile as possible, ideally in a lab. Using alcohol to clean any surfaces and use sterile one time use gloves.

Get some sterile glass vials to mix peptide and PBS in, ideally with a rubber lid that you can use a syringe to make a small hole for injecting PBS and then to withdraw the peptide mixture for subcutaneous (just under the skin of the upper arms) vaccine injects.

You also need to get Aldara cream for putting on the injection site after the injection.

More details will come!

NOTE that this is on your own risk, peptide vaccines have been around for a few years but this is still an experimental treatment. Ideally you should get help from professional healthcare and lab personnel, however it is quite possible to do this your self if you are willing to take the risk.